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FM Logistic expands its Crépy-en-Valois 2 platform for Unilever

In order to accommodate Unilever, the FM Logistic platform in Crépy-en-Valois 2 has been expanded. A total of 3 cells have been added to the existing site, i.e. 16 700 m², making a total of 116 000 m². FM Logistic will receive, store, prepare, co-pack and partially transport Unilever products. These 3 new cells offer a storage capacity of 25 400 pallets, 27 300 storage spaces and 22 unloading docks. In terms of safety, the site is certified as SEVESO, high threshold.


FM Logistic, chosen for its product expertise and the services offered

FM Logistic was chosen for its product expertise in the Personal Care ranges. In fact, the Crépy-en-Valois 2 site already hosts important customers such as Colgate-Palmolive, Coty,  Reckitt Benckiser and Swania, which operate with the same kinds of products. The latter therefore naturally turned to the logistics provider for the relevance of the services offered on this site, in particular pooling, which can be set-up with the other manufacturers present, to pool transport, better serve customers and reduce the environmental impact. 

Another strong point for FM Logistic: the site already manages a very large contract packaging (co-packing) activity and additional equipment will make it possible to accommodate Unilever's large volumes. Capacity and performance that perfectly match Unilever's demand and activity in the French market.

Lastly, FM Logistic has equipped its Crépy-en-Valois platform with the latest technological innovations. The platform is entirely under the WMS Reflex WEB, an Android tablet-based warehouse management and control software. Pick and Place robots position products for plastic film wrapping activities, and layer depalletisers supply the operators who fill the displays. It also has an automated guard station, which covers the entire site. Fully equipped with LEDs and presence detectors, the site will also provide soft light to reproduce daylight.

Unilever and FM Logistic, employment generators

FM Logistic is very well established in the Hauts-de-France region with 7 platforms there. These account for 2 300 jobs, or more than a third of the total workforce of 6 300 in France. Currently, more than 200 employees are working on the Unilever project at the FM Logistic platform in Crépy-en-Valois 2. 


A partnership of over 20 years in France and worldwide

As Unilever's partners in France since 1996, FM Logistic began this collaboration with transport and storage services for its margarine range at the Crépy-en-Valois 1 site. With this new activity, Unilever has chosen FM Logistic as a major partner for all its ambient ranges: Ambient food, Home Care and Personal Care.

Internationally, FM Logistic started with transport activities in 2001. Since then, FM Logistic has been operating on behalf of the world leader in 3 main countries: China (transport and warehousing since 2006), Czech Republic (transport, warehousing and co-packing since 2011), and Russia (co-packing since 2010), with a total available capacity of 49 000 pallets.  


About Unilever

Unilever is a global leader in personal care, home care and food, beverages and ice cream products with sales in more than 190 countries, reaching 2.5 billion consumers every day. It has 161 000 employees worldwide and generated revenues of 51 billion EUR in 2018. Unilever has more than 400 brands worldwide, including in France, Skip, Dove, Knorr, Rexona, Maille, Lipton, Miko, Ben & Jerry's, Sun, Magnum, and Axe. The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan commits to:

- Help more than a billion people take action to improve their hygiene and well-being by 2020;

- Halve the environmental impact of its products by 2030;

- Improve the living conditions of millions of people by 2020.

The Unilever Sustainable Lifestyle Plan creates value by generating growth and trust, eliminating costs and reducing risks. The group's sustainable brands grew 69% faster than the rest of its portfolio and accounted for

more than 75% of the group's growth in 2017. Unilever was voted number one in its business sector, in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2017. The group achieved the highest environmental score of 5 in the FTSE4Good Index Series. Unilever led the global survey, GlobalScan/Sustainability 2017, for the seventh year in a row, ranking Business Leaders committed to sustainable development. The group received an "A" rating in the categories Climate Change, Water, Forests and Supplier Commitment in the CDP 2018 (Carbon Disclosure Project) Global Supply Chain report. Unilever is committed to becoming carbon neutral in its operations by 2030 and to ensuring that 100% of its plastic packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. For more information on Unilever and its brands, please visit and For more information on its Sustainable Living Plan, visit