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Our Lean Design & Co-pack solution

Product customisation, access to a new market, or the launch of new packaging is a lengthy process that often requires a wide variety of services.

Aware of all these challenges, FM Logistic is convinced that working with its customers is a real added value in its co-packing processes. In this sense, we offer you co-design of your packaging upstream of their creation at the very moment of the project’s birth by working “day to day” with your marketing departments.

Boost your sales with our eco-design solutions while limiting your environmental impact

As a recognised co-packing expert, we focus on understanding your needs and offering you more sustainable packaging solutions that will enhance your products, fit your brand image and surprise your customers. We also take into account the logistical and end-of-life impacts of products to deliver greener packaging.

A tailor-made offer

  • Lean Design & Copack, a global solution

    Equipped with a digital 3D design tool and experts in packaging engineering, we bring our creativity and know-how to offer you a tailor-made solution and to accompany you in your projects. Thus, we offer you a first theoretical model which will be followed by a workshop: exploration of the different tracks, brainstorming, and selection according to your branding strategy.

    The physical prototyping phase then allows us to validate the design and verify the efficiency of the packaging in the technical implementation of the packaging. Our teams are constantly looking for innovative and environmentally friendly materials on the market in order to offer you the best solution.

    Following this phase, the precise definition of the brief can be drawn up, with the aim of launching the call for tenders with approved and audited suppliers on the FM Logistic panel.

    Value is created by planning the implementation of the packaging from the design phase.

    We ensure the complete management of your study up to the operational implementation of the project: management of needs, management of packaging supplies, management of suppliers (quality of components, costs, back up solution, quality audit).

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  • Our specialists design eco-responsible packaging for you based on mono-materials in order to optimise the carbon footprint of your products and avoid additional sorting by the consumer.

    Our mission? To go further in reducing the environmental impact of packaging (weight and volume reduction, choice of low-emission materials, etc.) and to participate in the circular economy.

    FM Logistic also offers innovations aimed at reducing the use of plastic by marketing a wide range of zero plastic solutions: double stickers, 100% paper flowpacks, cardboard cases, etc. and a wide range of recycled, biosourced and/or biodegradable plastic solutions, taking care to eliminate hazardous substances (PVC, etc.).

    For all of our solutions, we ensure that the inks are environmentally friendly and certified without heavy metals.

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  • An innovative solution to optimise costs

    Our agility in designing production lines adapted to the packaging/machine pairing allows us to efficiently approach packaging costs and, more broadly, the overall cost of T.C.O. acquisition.

    Throughout the project, our single point of contact listens to you and consults with you in order to provide you with relevant and qualitative offers.

    Within our operations, we integrate a technical engineering unit which, in addition to integrating modules from the market, can create production modules from scratch, allowing us to be more efficient: e.g. case cutting and opening cell (1st prize for innovation at SITL, 2016).

    We manage your activities (storage, handling, co-packing, customs, transport) for “wall-to-wall” logistics to optimise costs, reduce your ecological footprint and guarantee optimal responsiveness of your operations.

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