At FM Logistic, we support our customers in their transformation. From retailers to pure omnichannel actors, we optime and set up agile supply chain solutions, leveraging our expertise and latest technologies.

At FM Logistic, we support our customers in their transformation. From retailers to pure omnichannel actors, we optime and set up agile supply chain solutions, leveraging our expertise and latest technologies.

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Our retail logistics solutions

The evolution of consumer habits and the economic context have an impact on the retail sector and on the growth of e-commerce.

Today, retail players must adapt and offer new solutions (brick and mortar, pure player, click and mortar) in order to create a fluid omnichannel supply chain that integrates ordering, warehousing, delivery and returns, regardless of where the product is purchased.

As experts, we design collaborative solutions dedicated to the retail sector and specifically adapted to our clients’ omnichannel strategies. We offer traditional and omnichannel solutions, reverse logistics (offloading, sorting, recycling, etc.), dedicated or non-dedicated transport, “in situ” customer operations (taking over sites, personnel, IT equipment, etc.), creation of new warehouses, etc., in order to help you grow your business.

What do we mean by Supply Change for Retail ?

Our business has a direct impact on sustainable development. Our goal? To transform the supply chain into an omnichannel and sustainable ecosystem. FM Logistic works with its partners and customers to create value-added services and establish new business models (bulk, pooling, transport, packaging solutions, flow optimisation, HR management, etc.).

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What we can do together

Optimise your retail supply chain

As a logistics service provider, we implement innovative end-to-end solutions to help our customers become more efficient and competitive. We believe that continuous improvement is essential, which is why we focus on providing you with the latest automation and mechanisation solutions to optimise your flows.

Our goal? To support you in managing your supply chain on a daily basis as well as during peaks in activity.

Whatever your challenges, our experts are able to operate and manage the flows, compliance with regulations as well as goods and people for :

  • your furniture products
  • your beauty, hygiene, fashion & accessories products
  • your household appliances/high tech products
  • your multi-temperature food products
  • your DIY and garden products
  • your discount products
Concerned about the well-being and health of our teams, we deploy ergonomic solutions adapted to our employees, such as our Ergoskel, developed with the aim of reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD).

Deliver an agile omnichannel experience

Omnichannel refers to a combination of distribution channels: e-commerce, shop, click & collect, etc. with the aim of offering an integrated customer experience.

Efficient omnichannel logistics gives a competitive advantage and is a continuation of traditional logistics. Its success depends on flexibility, speed and cost optimisation.

We design and implement flexible omnichannel supply chains for our customers while optimising the customer journey.

We manage all your B2B and B2C flows in the same warehouse or in different locations depending on your omnichannel strategy. This flexibility improves efficiency and speed in the case of large numbers of orders, peaks of activity and promotional operations (beauty OP, wine fairs, etc.).

Our IT solutions allow you to manage your stocks across all your distribution channels, manage orders and their execution thanks to our OMS technology. This links orders from traditional channels to e-commerce shops and fulfilment centres for real-time omnichannel order tracking, stock level visibility and forecasting.

Responding to new distribution models

Consumers’ habits and behaviours are constantly changing: big cities are thriving, sustainable and locally sourced products are highly demanding and buying online is becoming a must have. To answer consumers’ growing expectations and to facilitate deliveries in large urban centres, we provide our customers with our city logistics network through our multi-customers, our city hubs, and micro logistics proximity hubs, our street corners and our last mile delivery solutions. Together, these solutions allow us to meet our customers’ expectations while contributing to decrease carbon footprint.

At FM Logistic, we are constantly innovating and co-constructing retail logistics solutions with our retail customers. From testing to scaling your new business models, we design and deploy disruptive solutions, such as: BtoB ecommerce, darkstore distribution centres, bulk finished goods supply chain, circular economy and second-hand logistics.

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