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Consumer expectations and habits have been changing for several years. These changes are increasing and are tending towards a desire to consume better, to act in favour of our planet by reducing waste but also packaging and by eliminating single-use plastic.

To support you and help you meet your customers’ expectations, FM Logistic is innovating and designing a new bulk offer.

Our ambition? To make a bulk product offer accessible to all consumers. Our role is to support all the players, shops and producers, while encouraging the establishment of our packaging centres as close as possible to the consumption areas.


FM Logistic has created an eco-system composed of complementary partners. By pooling our convictions, know-how and resources, we can offer you a complete bulk management solution to meet your circular economy challenges.

With recognised expertise and an operational eco-system, we guarantee the integrity of your bulk products, their traceability and compliance with hygiene standards throughout the stages of your supply chain.

FM Logistic supports both distributors and manufacturers by optimising resources and integrating reverse logistics issues in order to contribute to limiting waste and packaging and to combating food waste.

The Bulk offer

  • An eco-system that meets new expectations

    Like consumers, all supply chain stakeholders are concerned about protecting our planet.

    New consumer trends and laws aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our purchasing behaviour (climate and resilience law, AGEC law) are pushing us to reinvent a sustainable supply chain.

    To this end, we support you in the development of your bulk logistics:

    1. Reception of bulk products
    2. Storage
    3. Packaging by handling bare products in a specific room
    4. Order preparation
    5. Mutualised distribution
    6. Reverse logistics

    You thus benefit from a turnkey bulk solution that complies with all hygiene standards throughout all stages of your supply chain.

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  • Let’s develop your bulk product offer together

    Our solutions can be adapted to all bulk products and guarantee compliance with the regulations and specificities that may apply (food standards, controlled temperatures, HACCP methods, etc.). We offer a flexible approach that adapts to the constraints of distributors, consumers and products.

    There are many advantages for each player for whom we work: traceability, hygiene, respect for the product, flexibility, optimised logistics, product freshness, etc.

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  • A collaborative initiative led by complementary actors

    The new laws (climate and resilience law), which aim to eliminate single-use plastic and encourage bulk marketing, have accelerated the demands and needs of manufacturers and distributors.

    Our expertise covers logistics, packaging and transport. Within our ecosystem, our partners can assist you with:

    • The shop concept
    • The choice of containers
    • Container washing
    • The implementation of the blockchain
      deposit management

    Together, let’s build a supply chain for the circular economy.

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