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Our supply chain optimisation services

More distribution channels, rising distribution costs, new technologies, increasing demand for sustainable supply chains… In an ever-changing world, it is essential to have an agile supply chain that reacts quickly to change, adapts to new consumer behaviours, to the evolution of competition and manages supply-related issues. Our objective as an expert and responsible partner? To support you in meeting these new challenges.

Our 4PL services deploy supply chain strategies and models that improve our clients’ performance and environmental commitment. As a result, companies gain in productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

Do you want to reduce your costs by optimising and pooling your logistics or increase your revenues and profitability through customer satisfaction and loyalty? We offer you end-to-end omnichannel solutions for this.

Optimising the supply chain means :

  • Consolidating the stocks, and therefore, reducing the financial burden of inventory.
  • Improving the distribution between suppliers is reducing costs, shortening delivery times and enhancing quality.
  • Optimising warehouse operations (storage and handling) to improve efficiency and resource utilisation.


We use our expertise, our collective intelligence and the latest technologies to achieve your goals. We innovate to continuously optimise the supply chain by delivering the right products, to the right place, at the right time.

Our solutions to support you

  • Ensure visibility and transparency throughout your supply chain

    My-SCM is our digital supply chain management portal. It provides our customers and teams with real-time visibility into operations.

    My SCM is a single point of access for all stakeholders involved in your supply chain management to view order details, inventory and exchange live information, , access the Web Order Entry (to request a shipment), a Track&Trace system and KPI on supply chain operations. With My-SCM, you can also access the possibility to report a claim and follow its resolution.

    My-SCM is an intelligent end-to-end supply chain optimisation service, delivering significant benefits:

    • Improve organisational efficiency by reducing administrative tasks,
    • Improve responsiveness through real-time visibility, alerts and analysis,
    • Optimise your supply chain network over the long term based on analytics
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  • Build a high-performing logistics network with control tower solutions

    Our 4PL offering, including Supply Chain Control Tower, provides a view of your supply chains, overseeing all warehouses, shipping lines, freight forwarders and agents. It is a central hub offering end-to-end supply chain visibility (manufacturing, distribution, transportation, etc.) and real-time analytics to manage logistics performance and control costs. We act as the single interface between all aspects of your supply chain and your organisation. We strive to make your business more efficient and responsive, constantly improving customer service levels.

    Our Supply Chain Control Tower, an advanced and single tool and to:

    • Order orchestration with inbound and outbound planning
    • Access global visibility of inventory and status changes
    • Monitor key performance indicators and alerts;
    • Handle carrier management (economic KPIs and quality monitoring; invoice control and payments);
    • Track & Trace your goods;
    • Manage and report claims
    • Perform administrative outsourcing (self-billing, invoice consolidation….).
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  • Get more agility and efficiency from your supply chain with our efficient pooling solutions

    Pooling is a collaborative solution where different industrials share logistics and transport infrastructures and resources. An innovative concept developed and orchestrated by FM Logistic since the early 2000s for greater agility and efficiency in supply chains. Our pooling solution consists of grouping flows from different manufacturers with compatible finished products delivered to the same distribution networks.

    The pooling concept offers many advantages to FM Logistic customers:

    • Better quality and freshness of goods on shelves, optimised level of inventory in warehouses thanks to higher frequencies of deliveries to several drop-off points.
    • Reduced carbon footprint and optimised distribution cost thanks to the synergies gained from the grouping of different FM customers in the same better filled trucks.

    Either your products are from one of our warehouses, or another location, we have customised pooling solutions to your needs.

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  • Optimise the efficiency and sustainability of your supply chain with the One Roof solution

    Our One Roof solutions are designed for your entire business and workflow to support your omnichannel strategy.

    We manage all your activities (storage, handling, co-packing, customs clearance, transport) under one roof to optimise costs and guarantee optimal responsiveness of operations.

    FM Logistic has set up a very advanced synchronisation of B2B, B2C and B2B2C flows on its sites with storage spaces that fluctuate according to your needs to optimise and rationalise the processing of the various flows destined for the different channels without interruption.

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