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Our logistics solutions are tailored for the Beauty and Luxury market. Our priorities in developing this supply chain are safety, sustainability and the ability to manage different distribution channels.

Our logistics solutions are tailored for the Beauty and Luxury market. Our priorities in developing this supply chain are safety, sustainability and the ability to manage different distribution channels.

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Our Beauty & Luxury logistics services

The luxury and beauty industry is facing different challenges and opportunities. Fast fashion, sustainable beauty, affordable luxury or the personalised shopping experience are some of them.

In addition, technology, sustainability criteria and new players are changing consumer expectations.

FM Logistic helps its beauty and luxury customers to develop their product packaging and implement supply chain models that meet the increasing demands and high expectations of consumers regarding the brand experience.

We offer a broad portfolio of services in the luxury and beauty industry, ranging from omnichannel execution to global transportation solutions or value-added operations. These services are specifically tailored to this market and enable brands and retailers to reflect their image and commitments to consumers and the environment.

Let’s drive the change in supply chain together

Our mission is to innovate and support brands in thinking differently about products, packaging, environmental responsibility and distribution channels. To maintain their competitive edge, beauty and luxury manufacturers must increasingly use innovative services.

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What we can do together

Guarantee the security of your supply chain and the safety of your products

At FM Logistic, security is at the heart of our concerns, from transport to storage. Managing high-value products and ensuring a safe, traceable and compliant environment at all times is part of our expertise. Your goods are handled with the utmost care and to the highest standards: dangerous goods management, access control, anti-intrusion systems, rigorous staff selection and training, TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) requirements, Authorised Agent Approval.

As part of our ongoing commitment to offer you the best of our capabilities, we have 20 Seveso compliant sites.

We apply stringent procedures to your activities through our AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certification, our security department (with a manager on each site), our control and verification procedures which ensure the protection of your products.

Our control tower activities keep you informed at all times about the status of your shipments anywhere in the world. We ensure complete traceability from product to consumer.

What are our priorities? Reactivity, in the service of our customers’ performance, the ability to reduce lead times and the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Develop your sales channels

Our omnichannel beauty and luxury logistics services integrate multiple routes to market into a single supply chain. This allows you to optimise, rationalise and create synergies.

We manage retail and e-commerce orders for you from a single warehouse and can thus support your growth in different distribution channels. We are also committed to managing peaks in activity and promotional highlights.

As the European leader in packaging, we provide numerous solutions: boxes, samples, testers, Gift With Purchase, compliance of your products with international regulations (e.g. Datamatrix Russia, etc.).

We know that personalising the order and then the delivery contribute to the customer experience offered by the Brand. We propose to reconcile the brand experience and its commitments thanks to our know-how in eco-design and our plastic-free solutions such as the manufacture of monomaterial displays (cardboard).

Put our partnership at the heart of your responsible strategy

The environment is at the heart of FM Logistic’s sustainable development strategy. It is a true pillar that relies on the involvement of both its customers in the co-construction of sustainable offers and its employees who work daily to deliver operational excellence.

Reducing your environmental impact  

Our platforms comply with environmental standards and allow us to offer you a “Wall-to-wall” activity in order to pool your storage, packaging and transport operations while optimising costs and reducing your impact on the environment.

Aware that packaging is a strategic element in the beauty and luxury sector and with the aim of supporting you throughout your supply chain, we have created Lean Design & Copack. This eco-design offer enhances the value of your products and your point of sale displays.

With the aim of reducing your environmental impact as much as possible, we work with you to create synergies through our transport pooling solutions.

From the production plant to the end consumer 

We ensure last mile delivery by relying on sustainable transport. Thanks to our EcoTransIT World tool, we are able to provide you with your carbon footprint by analysing the KPIS of your BtoB and BtoC flows.

Social responsibility

We have created specific social inclusion programmes such as our network of Adapted Enterprises (FMEA) or our partnership with the Apprentis d’Auteuil to give everyone the same opportunities, working together to achieve the same goal: to act for a better future.

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