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Packaging is now central to brands’ commitments to the planet and to consumers.  At FM Logistic, we are aware of the importance of promotional offers in sales and marketing strategies.

Do you want to expand your product range, carry out promotions at the point of sale, for your e-commerce flows or develop in new markets?

Our team of experts will support you in your project while helping you to limit your environmental impact through sustainable alternatives.

With the support of our partners in the fields of packaging and technology, we develop innovative mechanised or automated and environmentally friendly co-packing solutions to improve the performance of your operations

Our tailor-made co-packing and co-manufacturing solutions fit your strategy and help you become more competitive.

Let’s design and manage a responsible supply chain together

Differentiate yourself through your partner

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Flexibility and “Wall to Wall” organisation

Our co-packing services are at the cutting edge of innovation and allow for streamlined management of your stocks and optimal responsiveness to demand:

  • raw material stocks for packaging and finished products are grouped together in a single warehouse
  • fixed costs are shared between the different customers
  • traceability is facilitated

Our industrial management of production processes (continuous improvement, automation, information systems) applies the best practices of the sector.

As a leading logistics provider, our experience in managing seasonal operations of all sizes and our certifications (ISO, IFS…) guarantee your company quality co-packing services.

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Products that make a difference on the shelf

Aware that packaging is fundamental to your brand image, we follow market developments with our turnkey solutions combining :

  • Eco-design solutions: we avoid the use of plastic and other toxic substances, we adapt the size of the packaging to optimise both material use and transport, we choose to use mainly recyclable and reusable materials.
  • Donation: we offer our clients to donate to non profit organisations, products aimed for destruction.
  • Optimal networking: we integrate the best actors on each topic (sustainable packaging designers, waste collection organisations, NGO’s…) to ensure optimal networking.

From zero plastic to late differentiation to optimising transport impact, we are driving change and defining new sustainable market models for our customers.

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Reduce time to market and boost your sales

Our team of designers and engineers is dedicated to helping you optimise your operations and grow.

In order to provide you with ever more efficient solutions, our experts ensure that you are offered the latest innovations in automation and mechanisation.

Our goal? To support you towards a sustainable supply chain by promoting responsible consumption through the packaging of bulk products.

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Interested in our co-packing solutions?

Improve your efficiency with our turnkey offer. Contact us and find out how we can meet your needs!

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