FM Health, our specialist solution, is a pharmaceutical distributor. We are committed to providing you with tailor-made answers and global supply chain solutions for your entire distribution network.

FM Health, our specialist solution, is a pharmaceutical distributor. We are committed to providing you with tailor-made answers and global supply chain solutions for your entire distribution network.

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Our Healthcare solutions

The health sector, regulated by the public health code, is changing. The pharmaceutical industry must meet the challenges of scientific progress and the complexity of regulations while ensuring reliable service quality.

Pharmaceutical logistics is an essential link in the chain of patient safety.

FM Logistic complies with the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

All our establishments have ANSM and ANSES authorisations with the status of pharmaceutical depository and manufacturer limited to secondary packaging.

More than 15 years ago, we chose to support you by creating FM Health, a specialised solution that meets ISO 13 485 and ISO 9001 standards.

Because the safety of your products and your patients is our priority, we guarantee you a robust supply chain organisation with full traceability of your products in accordance with the required regulatory compliance.

Our solutions apply to all distribution networks: wholesalers and pharmaceutical groups, medical device manufacturers, clinics and hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and patients.

To support you throughout the country, we manage centralised stocks in a single warehouse or regional stocks, as well as the associated distribution.

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Storage adapted to your products

FM Logistic applies demanding quality procedures on all its platforms. We provide a standards-compliant framework to ensure the quality of operations and the safety of pharmaceutical products (temperature-controlled products, narcotics, etc.) and medical devices entrusted to us.

Your products are handled with the utmost care and according to the strictest national and local standards: specific and documented procedures, control of restricted areas, anti-intrusion systems, rigorous selection and training of personnel, temperature control during storage and transport, specific sampling in clean rooms.

We preserve the integrity of your products through specific handling, transport and monitoring.

We have two storage temperature ranges:

  • Cold: between 2°C and 8°C
  • Controlled temperature: between 15°C and 25°C

Temperature and hygrometry controls are ensured by sensors connected 24/7 to our IT tools with immediate alarm reporting and pharmaceutical on-call.

Optimise product availability and security through rigorous real-time, traceable Supply chain monitoring

To ensure patient safety, the healthcare sector needs full traceability to guarantee visibility and control of its activities throughout the pharmaceutical chain.

FM Logistic operates the full range of solutions dedicated to the management and control of the supply chain for the healthcare sector. These provide information on tracking, traceability and operational performance, ensuring full visibility of storage and distribution operations and proactive management of any malfunctions.

We meet all the latest requirements for product traceability and serialisation as well as full temperature and humidity control where required.

Flow traceability and product integrity are ensured by validated storage, secondary packaging and distribution processes, as well as by information systems that comply with pharmaceutical regulations. Our teams are rigorously trained in the major issues and the pharmacists on our sites ensure that operations are conducted in accordance with good manufacturing and distribution practices (GMP and BMP).

Optimise your network with state-of-the-art Countries and Regional solutions

Healthcare professionals are looking for supply chain solutions adapted to their distribution strategies for their different product ranges: centralised stock and regional distribution, direct sales to pharmacies, delivery to hospitals, etc.

FM Logistic’s healthcare division operations and location allow you to store and distribute your products in the best conditions and in full compliance with national and local regulations as well as with your strictest standards.

Our geographical presence allows us to provide you with national and local solutions. To develop a regional approach, we have put in place two combined solutions:

  • Platforms operating as hubs
  • Regional transport

Thus, we accompany you throughout your supply chain: reception of specific products (cold, narcotics), sampling on behalf of laboratories according to strict statistical rules, management of legal sample banks, preparation of retail orders, management of reverse logistics (return, destruction), pharmaceutical production in clean rooms with weighing of raw materials (to deliver dedicated manufacturing units).

With years of experience in co-packing, our healthcare division is able to provide solutions to optimise secondary packaging. We help you improve your sales while promoting a more responsible supply chain. We offer a wide range of solutions for packaging customisation and labelling. All our packaging operations are GMP compliant.

Finally, we ensure the dynamic transport of your goods in complete safety and in full compliance with GMP.

FM Logistic is committed to offering the best to its customers and deploys a permanent continuous improvement programme for each activity.

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