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What is Urban Logistics?

New consumer trends are influencing urban logistics solutions that are more environmentally friendly and represent a major challenge for cities and brands. These developments are also an opportunity to create a sustainable and efficient ecosystem. With our urban logistics solutions, stay ahead of the competition and regulatory changes to improve your brand’s customer experience.

To cope with the granularity of urban cities, pooling and synergies of resources are essential. FM Logistic’s offer for urban logistics offering can play a key role in your business transformation. We offer a wide range of urban solutions to deliver your products to your end customers:

  • Distribution centres to optimise your omnichannel shipments;
  • Urban hubs to enhance the reliability of B2B / B2C deliveries;
  • Green last mile delivery to improve your carbon footprint;
  • Urban Street Corners to maximise multiple collection and return solutions.


What matters to us is the efficiency of your business and the positive impact on people and the planet. We believe that by fostering partnerships with the various players in the sypply chain (customers, partners, local communities, …), we will collectively achieve a greater impact for logistics in the urban context.

We work with cities to meet their expectations. For example, we are developing public and private projects on urban logistics in Paris and we are active members of the strategic dialogue between cities and industries with the European networks Alice and Polis.

Our solutions to support you

  • Get city locations with our integrated real estate company

    Together with NG concept, our sister company specialised in real estate, we look for the optimal place to manage your urban logistics. In this sense, we work in partnership with international and local authorities as well as private companies with the aim of de-cluttering city centres.

    Receiving, storing, preparing, shipping and returning your products: we offer you customised, innovative (mechanisation, automation) and first-class city logistics services. Resilient, fast, reliable, shared and environmentally friendly: that’s how we see the supply chain.

    Our multi-client and micro-logistics centres are strategically located near major metropolitan areas and city centres. They optimise space resources for the benefit of customers. We ensure shelf availability and short delivery times in city centres through:

    • Massification of order preparation for multiple drop-off points;
    • Cross-docking as close to the point of sale as possible;
    • Product customisation, circular logistics and reverse logistics (case preparation, bulky delivery, ….).
    • 24/7 delivery service
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  • Strengthen your urban logistics thanks to our pooling expertise

    Our last mile shared distribution services in city centres are based on our multimodal fleets in Euro 6 or alternative energies (biofuel, electric, hydrogen, etc.) and thus help you develop your omnichannel activity and increase your sales while respecting your low carbon footprint commitment.

    The proximity of urban hubs, combined with shared resources, offers a high level of agility and speed in replenishing city centre shelves. Based on your daily order volume, we define the optimal solutions to meet your service level objectives.

    We ensure:

    • Total control of the delivery chain thanks to a dedicated service;
    • The optimisation of routes with route optimisation software;
    • An increased frequency to supply shops and reduce carbon footprint;
    • A single platform for both B2B and B2C channels to improve service levels and offer more flexibility during peak seasons.
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  • Boost your sales thanks to our wide range of end-user delivery solutions and services

    Today, most city centre collection points have limited opening hours. With the rise of e-commerce, our customers need flexibility and simplified urban solutions for their logistics and returns management.

    We know that your brand image is reflected throughout the entire purchasing process – from ordering to delivery to returns – so we train our drivers to improve the customer experience. This means that our teams are aware of your requirements and your customer policy and manage all deliveries accordingly.

    In order to cover as many delivery solutions as possible, FM Logistic is developing additional offerings in city centres to help them optimise the omnichannel consumer experience. This includes home deliveries and pick-up points, additional services such as locker installations, Pick & Drive sites, drive-throughs, etc.

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