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Business profit, cost optimisation, agility, risks reduction…There are so many advantages to externalising your storage.

FM Logistic chooses to offer the best logistics storage solutions, while making the Supply Chain more responsible and agile. Our SEVESO XXL platforms are dedicated or multi-client and can accommodate all types of products: dangerous, bulky products at ambient or controlled temperatures

With our committed subsidiary NG Concept, we provide sustainable and innovative storage logistics solutions that enable cost optimisation and better stock management by pooling resources between customers and operations on the same site (pooling, shared picking area, etc).

Benefit from a tailor-made solution

At FM Logistic, we limit our impact on the environment with warehouses that comply with the most demanding standards in terms of eco-construction, safety and quality. We believe that flexibility allows us to better respond to the specific needs of our customers (standards, products at risk, etc.) in a responsible manner.

To be always more efficient and in our desire for continuous improvement, we innovate and offer our customers automation solutions that meet the needs of their sector of activity (Retail, FMCG, Beauty & Luxury, industry, Healthcare).

We also handle your transport, flow management, customs operations, co-packing and support you at every stage of the supply chain.

Our solutions to support you

  • High Environmental Quality (HEQ) certified platforms

    In order to provide the best service to its customers, FM Logistic France ensures the quality and functionality of its platforms.

    With the support of NG Concept, the Group’s integrated building engineering company, we design and build logistics storage solutions that optimise energy and operational performance. Today we are operating the platforms of tomorrow by reducing our gas emissions and waste (photovoltaic panels, rainwater recovery, eco-pasture, 100% LED lighting, etc.). Safe and sustainable: this is how we imagine our multi-customer and multi-activity warehouses. Since 2012, our new platforms have been HQE™ (High Environmental Quality) certified.

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  • Cost reduction via pooling between customers

    Our pooling concept brings together the flows of manufacturers with compatible end products for the same distribution channels. Through the creation of synergies into the warehouse and transport bundling, deliveries to distributors are more frequent. This system will also benefit the end consumers, as we guarantee them fresher products, better quality and fuller trucks. The FM Logistic pooling concept is also a more sustainable way of delivering to retailers. This logistics storage solution allows us to reduce our CO2 impact as well as that of our customers through better truck filling.

    FM Logistic guarantees its customers a continuous improvement service and has been investing in warehousing and handling for over 50 years. We offer you automation solutions compatible with your sector of activity such as: shuttle, Autostore, inventory viewer, etc.

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  • Bring your omnichannel operations under One Roof

    Our “One Roof” concept allows you to massify and optimise your B2B, B2C and B2B2C flows under one roof. Our multi-client warehouses allow you to benefit from solutions such as: a shared co-packing centre, management of dangerous products, temperature control, pooling, etc.

    Managing all your activities under one roof allows you to optimise costs and also guarantees optimal reactivity of operations during peaks in activity.

    Our storage methods evolve according to your needs for the management and processing of your flows on all distribution channels where you are present.

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