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Welcoming two scholarship students on our platforms in Vietnam, in partnership with the Light Your Hope association.

On April 22, 2024

The project

FM Foundation is proud to support two young Vietnamese in their higher education project in the field of logistics. Selected by our partner Light Your Hope Scolarship Foundation thanks to their good academic results and their motivation, FM Foundation pays each student a scholarship of €800/year for 4 years so that they can meet their needs as students. In addition to this, they complete a two-month paid internship on FM Logistic platforms in order to gain experience and be supported by professionals in the sector. This is how Ha Thi Hong is welcomed on the Ho Chi Minh platform and Vu Hoang Viet joins the one located in Hanoi. This professional immersion also allows them to complete the scholarship awarded and study in better conditions.

Accueil de Vu Hoang Viet sur la plateforme située à Hanoï

Our partner

A partner of FM Foundation since 2023, Light Your Hope Scholarship Foundationis an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2007 in Vietnam. Access to education is complicated for many children from rural, mountainous and remote areas due to difficult living conditions. The mission of our partner consists of identifying profiles in financial difficulties but who are studious and motivated, and supporting them financially and morally in their study project. Each year, between 60 and 100 scholarships are awarded and change lives.

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