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Giving Tuesday, no boundaries for generosity

For Giving Tuesday, the FM Foundation has mobilised to organise collections to help those in need.

On January 10, 2023

First of all, what is Giving Tuesday?

As a reminder, and for those who don’t know, Giving Tuesday was founded in the United States in 2012. Also known as the Global Day of Giving and Solidarity, it is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, in response to the commercial events of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday brings together individuals, organisations and communities around the world with a common goal: to celebrate and encourage giving. Over the years, this day has spread to over 100 countries and has become a movement that promotes and supports giving and philanthropy.

So what does this mean in practice with FM Foundation, which relies on its relays in its 12 countries?

Encouraged by FM Foundation, FM Logistic employees had the following key words for 2022: #FreedomofInitiate and #SolidarityInitiatives. Once again, FM Logistic employees were awesome in their involvement:

  • India: collection and distribution of clothing, school supplies, food and toys to disadvantaged people in the vicinity of our platforms;
  • Poland: donations for isolated mothers, decoration work and collection of Christmas gifts for orphanages in localities near our platforms, as well as various donations of cosmetics for the Robinson Foundation association which we support;
  • Slovakia: cooking workshop with Detski Domov, the neighbouring orphanage we support, involvement of the children in making gingerbread hearts which were then given to employees, invitation to the children to an upcoming Christmas party;
  • Spain: collection of hygiene products for Save the Children, one of the associations we support, local workshop to assist rare diseases, collection of toys and foodstuffs for the Red Cross and finally joint actions with our customers to distribute school supplies and to intervene in a food bank;
  • France: various collections of toys, clothes or food, organised on the platforms and at the head office, and distributed to local associations such as Emmaüs Défi, the Red Cross, the Food Bank, the Resto du Cœur, or the Secours Populaire for example;
  • Brazil: Collection of basic necessities for the disadvantaged people via charities and distribution of milk bricks to the underprivileged near our platforms;
  • Corporate headquarters: collection of toys given to Emmaüs Défi, of watches in order to organise a future workshop with Entraide Emploi and of “ugly” jumpers for an educational workshop with beneficiaries placed in child protection structures;
  • Ukraine: collection for the SOS Children’s villages structure, supported by FM Foundation and distance learning courses for the children’s parents to improve the writing of their curricula vitae. It is worth noting that despite the terrible local situation, the employees were extremely active;
  • Vietnam: computer courses, organised by the local teams (human resources, communication and IT) for beneficiaries of integration associations.

Photos des actions dans les différents pays

With the arrival of new FM Foundation relays in Italy, the Czech Republic and Romania, you can be sure that new initiatives will be launched on Tuesday 28 November 2023!

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