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FM Logistic is committed to helping with the integration of political refugees in France


As a major international provider in the warehousing, transport and packaging industries, FM Logistic France is committed to providing training, employment and integration to political refugees as part of the HOPE project.

This project fits in completely with the company's sustainable development approach, one of the objectives of which is to promote integration through employment. The FM Foundation also supports this project as part of its social works for the professional integration and assistance to children.


In France, there is no integration programme for refugees in the supply chain. Consequently, FM Logistic France initiated an approach to set up a specific training and integration programme for these women and men who have fled to France. The company turned to HOPE (Accommodation, Guidance, Worklife) and met with OPCO (OPCO Mobilité) and AFPA (National Agency for Adult Vocational Training), for implementation. The objective is to offer a professional training contract with the aim of obtaining a professional qualification in logistics.


A first day of discovery and recruitment at the Longueil-Sainte-Marie logistics platform in the Oise

Out of more than 50 applications sent by the OFII (French Office for Immigration and Integration), on Wednesday 11 September 2019, FM Logistic met 24 shortlisted candidates in the presence of a representative of the Ministry of the Interior, AFPA , the OPCO and the French Employment Centre (Pôle Emploi). The candidates were able to discover the company and visit the platform. Following individual interviews, 12 of them were selected to join the first training programme that will take place at two platforms in the Oise: Ressons-sur-Matz and Longueil-Sainte-Marie.


A comprehensive training and integration programme

To support and train the best candidates selected, FM Logistic is putting in place an apprenticeship for forklift operators in logistics services with a tutored individual support. The integrated employees will benefit from a 9-month training programme, in two phases: the first from September to December 2019 during which they will undertake 400 hours of training in French and the second, from January 2020, during which they will benefit from 6 months of training with a paid professional contract. The sandwich course training will alternate between two weeks in the company and two weeks in the classroom.

At the end of the 6 months, FM Logistic will undertake to offer permanent contracts to employees who have passed their courses. The CDI (permanent contract) being the company ideal, will ensure these new employees a professional induction, job security, and financial independence. Integrated into the family group, they can hope to develop in different positions and benefit from tailor-made career-paths.


A project promoted and lead by the government and the dedicated organisations. Supported by the government and accompanied by AFPA, this project required the involvement of several organizations: the pre-selection was carried out by the OFII (French Office for Immigration and Integration) to identify suitable profiles. Pôle Emploi undertook the selection of the candidates presented to FM Logistic, in order to measure their incentives and ambitions to find a permanent job on French territory. The profiles studied and selected are mainly of Afghan, Eritrean and Sudanese nationality. This project was also developed in partnership with OPCO Transport, which partly finances the programme, and the Ile-de-France and Hauts-de-France regions.


HOPE, a project that reflects the values of FM Logistic

FM Logistic is the first logistics sector provider to undertake such an approach in France. In addition to the need for recruitment, FM Logistic wants to provide security through employment and promote the integration of these refugees. Well-known for its welcoming spirit, integration and training, FM Logistic had already distinguished itself with two strong societal initiatives: the partnership with Apprentis d'Auteuil, aimed at the most vulnerable young people , as well as its network of adapted companies (FMEA), for people with disabilities.


Encouraging equality and diversity has always been an assurance of creativity and performance within FM Logistic. As a matter of fact, this shared wealth allows to create a synergy within the company