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FM Logistic is committed to the well-being of its employees

During the presentation of its Powering 2030 strategic plan last November, FM Logistic outlined its priorities in terms of sustainable development.Among them is a whole section…

On April 21, 2022

During the presentation of its Powering 2030 strategic plan last November, FM Logistic outlined its priorities in terms of sustainable development.
Among them is a whole section linked to the well-being, health and safety of the teams, of which the logistics expert is today unveiling the concrete measures in France.

The creation of a Well-Being, Health and Safety at Work Department

Anxious to improve the working environment of its 6,500 employees in France, FM Logistic has created the Well-Being, Health and Safety at Work Department. Attached to the France Human Resources Department, it is entirely dedicated to the issues of quality of life at work, protection of health capital and risk prevention.
Audrey Thum took the lead of this new team of three people as Director of Well-Being, Health and Safety at Work. She works on a daily basis in collaboration with the sites on issues of health and safety, quality of life at work and ergonomics. Biotechnology engineer graduated from UTC and with 16 years of experience in the logistics sector, she previously held the position of QHSE Manager successively at CNH (2004), ND/XPO Logistics (2006), ID Logistics (2014) then DHL Supply Chain (2018).
I am proud to join a company that makes the well-being of its employees a top priority,” said Audrey Thum. “Handling jobs are often physical. To attract, recruit and retain talent, we must guarantee them a safe and pleasant working environment”.

The Ergoskel, a new technology developed to make life easier for teams

DAs part of its approach to health, safety and well-being at work, FM Logistic is multiplying initiatives and continuously innovating in order to reduce accidents, prevent occupational illnesses and improve working conditions.
After numerous inconclusive tests of existing physical assistance devices marketed on the market, FM Logistic wanted to go further in its approach in 2019 by calling on the research laboratory of the Technological University of Compiègne (UTC) in order to design and patent its own device specifically adapted to order picking: the ergoskel. The objective is to prevent MSDs and to continue to improve the working conditions of order pickers. This is an exoskeleton that allows the user to keep their freedom of movement and know-how at work, while reducing by 60 to 80% the muscle and joint activity of the upper limbs and back, facilitating thus the port of parcels up to 25 kg.
The ERGOSKEL was designed based on motion capture and the analysis of the gestures and postures of order pickers in the warehouse. After testing it with dozens of employees, FM Logistic, UTC and the French start-up HUBLEX signed an agreement to mass-produce it. HUBLEX took care of the transition from the prototyping phase to the industrial product stage. HUBLEX now manufactures and markets it in France. FM Logistic has already invested in 150 ergoskels and plans to deploy them from 2022.

HUBLEX once again proves that the collaboration between an innovative industrial start-up, a university research laboratory and a user client makes it possible to design a disruptive solution, simple and perfectly adapted to the needs of users” declared Jonathan Levy – CEO & Co- Founder of HUBLEX. HUBLEX aims to market the ERGOSKEL solution on a large scale outside France from 2023 in order to benefit from this individual prevention equipment for all order pickers, deliverers, etc. and thus improve the attractiveness of these professions.

At the same time, the company continues to innovate and test new technologies for the well-being of its employees: motorized assistance for pulling and pushing, virtual reality, connected clothing, an in-house application to allow employees to report a risky situation, ergonomic treadmills, Mini Carriers and gripping tools designed to better grasp objects.

About FM Logistic

Favoriser la transition vers des supply chains omnicanales durables, c’est l’ambition de FM Logistic. Créée en 1967, l’entreprise familiale est l’un des principaux acteurs de la logistique en France et à l’international, avec un chiffre d’affaires de 1,4 milliard d’euros. 

FM Logistic met son expertise de la logistique des produits de consommation au service de grands industriels, distributeurs et acteurs du e-commerce. 

Ses services couvrent les différentes étapes de la chaîne d’approvisionnement : transport domestique et international ; réception, entreposage et gestion des stocks ; préparation et expédition des commandes e-commerce et magasins ; co-packing ; services de « tour de contrôle». FM Logistic propose aussi des services facilitant l’essor de nouveaux modes de consommation, comme le vrac et le « click and collect ». 

FM Logistic figure parmi les meilleurs employeurs de son secteur, comme en témoigne le classement Forbes des meilleurs employeurs 2021. Elle emploie plus de 29 000 collaborateurs dans 14 pays d’Europe, d’Asie et d’Amérique latine. 

Vous pouvez suivre FM Logistic sur notre site, sur Twitter à l’adresse @FMLogistic et sur LinkedIn

À propos de HUBLEX

Innover pour améliorer les conditions de travail et la sécurité des employés sur les sites industriels et de logistique est l’ambition des équipes R&D de HUBLEX. Le bureau d’étude met son expertise en robotique et en mécatronique au services des acteurs industriels, de la livraison et de la logistique. Vous pouvez suivre HUBLEX sur notre site, sur Instagram @hublex_france et sur LinkedIn

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