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Brother and FM Logistic : A Partnership for Excellence in Logistics for 25 Years

Since 1999, this collaboration highlights the success of this enduring partnership.

On July 2, 2024

Brother, a global leader in printing, and FM Logistic, an expert in logistics solutions, today celebrate the 25th anniversary of their partnership. Since 1999, this collaboration, which has contributed to the development of Brother in France and Europe thanks to the expertise and flexibility of FM Logistic, highlights the success of this enduring partnership.

A long-lasting partnership based on trust and shared values 

Founded over a century ago in Japan and initially a specialist in industrial sewing machines, Brother has since expanded and diversified its activities around the sharing and management of information and documents. Since 1999, FM Logistic has supported Brother’s development with agility and operational excellence, enabling them to meet market demands. Together, and throughout their partnership, they have overcome numerous logistical challenges with resilience, from the launch of Brother France’s operations to the extension of their partnership with Brother Europe, including the management of their European consumables stock. 

The relationship between Brother and FM Logistic is distinguished by mutual trust and exemplary adaptability. Both companies share strong family values and employee loyalty, essential elements for their joint success. “This trust honors and obliges us,” said Didier Delfino, Managing Director of Brother France. “In 25 years, we have overcome challenges and strengthened our partnership to become more efficient and confirm our market leadership.” 

“We are very proud of our collaboration with Brother for over 25 years. The mutual trust established over the years is reflected in the exceptional duration of our partnership,”said Hervé Cheucle, Sales & Marketing Director at FM Logistic France.

A collaboration for excellence in logistics

Over 25 years, Brother and FM Logistic have developed a true partnership of excellence in services, capitalizing on the synergy of their family-owned and international organizations.

  • In 1999, the collaboration began with the launch of Brother France’s logistics activities, including localisation operations, which involve changing product references to meet specific local market needs. Over 25 years, FM Logistic has conducted more than 600 diverse localisation activities for Brother, ranging from replacing instruction manuals with those in the destination language to reboxing damaged products.
  • This collaboration quickly expanded to Brother Europe, managing inventories for Belgium and Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, leading to the management of the European consumables stock (CES) for 11 countries in 2005.
  • In 2008, FM Logistic began managing Brother’s customs activities, simplifying their processes while ensuring compliance with the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) standards.
  • In 2015, FM Logistic supported Brother’s development in e-commerce activities, and in 2016, they were entrusted with managing the flows associated with Brother’s new “Managed Print Services” offer, which ensures automatic ink cartridge replenishment through real-time monitoring of connected printers’ ink consumption.

The strength of this partnership is the result of dedicated teams committed to delivering operational excellence and firmly oriented toward a sustainable partnership. “I would like to express my deep gratitude to our employees who have contributed to the success of this partnership. Their expertise and dedication are essential in supporting our client’s development,” said Benoît Lerouge, Director of the Athies platform at FM Logistic.

Today, FM Logistic continues to support Brother in its international ambitions by offering innovative, optimized logistics solutions and developing new expertise to serve a sustainable omnichannel supply chain.

“We are pleased with Brother’s trust. Celebrating our 25th anniversary demonstrates a long-lasting partnership and highlights FM Logistic’s expertise and our ability to support our partners’ growth,” said François Régnier, Managing Director of FM Logistic France.

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