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Following the Happy at Work label last June, FM Logistic has now been awarded the Happy Trainees label. This label recognises companies that consider the practice of welcoming, accompanying and managing trainees to be important. FM Logistic took part in the contest for the first time and the results highlight the company’s commitment in terms of student training and professional insertion.


A label that evaluates trainee satisfaction

The Happy Trainees label was created in 2012. It is the first participatory employer label of excellence that assesses practices in taking on and accompanying trainees and work-study students.

It is attributed every year by the independent site “” and is based entirely on student feedback. 23 digitalised questions were put to trainees to evaluate FM Logistic in six areas: professional advancement, working environment, management, motivation, pride and pleasure.

The Group came 10th out of a total of 150 best trainee-host companies.


An impressive overall performance

With a score of 4.29 out of 5 and a 94 % recommendation rate, FM Logistic confirms its commitment and desire to satisfy trainees and apprentices. It is a key undertaking for the Group, as explains Cécile Cloarec, FM Logistic’s Human Resources Director: "Our aim is to give trainees the opportunity to grow and find fulfilment within the company so that their investment not only develops their skills but also gives them job satisfaction and makes them feel proud to be part of FM Logistic".

51 students answered the survey which pointed to two highly appreciated areas; professional advancement (95.4 %) and motivation (92.8 %), closely followed by stimulating environment (86.9 %), job satisfaction (88.9 %), management (86.9 %) and pride to be part of the company (69.9 %).


Students acknowledged:

  • Progressing professionally and gaining in maturity ; 98 %
  • Feeling implicated in their missions ; 94 %
  • Recommending the company to other trainees or work-study students ; 94 % 
  • Appreciating the human relations within the company ; 92.2 %
  • Finding a good professional/private life balance ; 88 %

They were also asked open-ended questions relating what they found to be special about the company. Two points were particularly appreciated:

  • Responsibility and trust («The trust put in me: I was entrusted with an important matter») ;
  • The company’s dynamism and ambition («An employee-friendly company, an active company that does what it takes to get results») ;

The FM Logistic-experience, according to students, can best be described as one with a pretty good atmosphere in a company that puts its trust in staff, giving autonomy and providing a good variety of missions.


Results that confirm high HR ambitions

After obtaining Best Employer label in Poland, Top Employer label and Happy at Work label in France, FM Logistic has now been rewarded for its policies in trainee integration.

The Group has the experience and enthusiasm to offer special programmes to students with anything from baccalaureate level (A-level) plus 2 years of university study, to students with Masters degrees. In some cases their experience continues through apprenticeships or job offers.

The group has gone into partnership with several reputed universities and provides training at the ESSEC, the INP in Grenoble, the Mines, the Ecole des ponts et chaussées and the ISEG.

For Cécile Cloarec, the FM Logistic-experience is a rich and instructive one: "One of our objectives is to show that gaining experience within the Group leads to personal growth as much as it does to professional development. FM Logistic aims to provide added value to every member of staff: proximity management, well-adapted training and personalised mentoring have all become veritable assets. The trainees that we take on are talented, enthusiastic and motivated. They rapidly turn into precious players in the development of our company.