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Pilier environnemental

Reducing our carbon footprint and respecting the environment

Our environmental projects

Reducing CO2

Since June 2015, FM France has adopted an eco-responsible supply chain approach. We have entrusted the TK Blue agency with the mission of noting and assessing the overall environmental impact of our transport activities with respect to CO2, greenhouse gases, particles, accidents, road congestion and noise. With this information FM Logistic will be able to communicate accurately on reducing its environmental impact.

Building HQE Platforms

Together with NG Concept (civil engineering company and part of the FM Logistic Group), FM France is striving to make all new platforms HQE compliant and certified.  Location, design, construction ...everything is taken into consideration when developing our platforms that meet the highest standards in eco-construction, safety and security.

Reducing our energy consumption

FM Logistic undertakes to reduce its consumption of water, gas and electricity by 3%. We are implementing the Netseenergie web control tool developed by EDF (French Electricity Company) at all of our sites.

The aim is to improve our buildings' energy performance as well as reducing consumption, bills and our carbon footprint.

In addition to consolidating site data onto one server, this tool detects and alerts to any abnormal water consumption and excessive temperatures.

Energy audits carried out within the framework of the European Directive (26 November 2014) for the biggest consumers, identified energy saving methods. These methods will be implemented at our existing and future platforms to meet all of our environmental and energy-cost-reduction objectives.

Our green solutions


More than a cost-saving solution, Pooling is a multi-modal transport service created to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

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Go Green with Citylogin : zero emissions for the last miles of delivery.

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