Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


Innovation is at the heart of our services

Objective : to invent, design and implement the best processes, organisational methods and operational tools in all of our countries thereby giving our company and its customers the competitive edge. For FM Logistic, innovating means increasing operational productivity and site performance, reducing supply chain costs, becoming more flexible and providing a better quality service.

FM Logistic also considers innovation to include staff well-being and sustainable development. Our HQE sites and cutting edge hydrogen trucks highlight this, as do our   ergonomic solutions that improve working conditions.

FM Logistic has an innovation committee made up of experts from each business activity within the Group. The committee identifies necessary research areas and launches the main projects. Each country has a local Innovation representative who is in charge of implementing and monitoring the new initiative.

Among recent FM Logistic innovations:

  • Optimal traceability

    On-board scanner

    Optimal traceability with this « plug & play » automatic pallet scanning solution used at all FM Logistic sites.

    Double benefit : improved ergonomics at work stations and significant gain in productivity for customers during identification operations.

  • Quick Pick Remote

    Quick Pick Remote

    Quick Pick Remote

    The Quick Pick Remote combines technology with efficient work flows and productive truck activities within a natural and systematic order-picking process. It increases productivity and reduces the physical effort required by truck operators.

    Ergonomics : the operator uses a remote control to drive the order-picking device. Less walking for the operator and optimum pick posture retained for reduced physical strain.

    Easy to operate : operators wear a special glove or trigger to activate the remote system.

    Reinforced safety : The Quick Pick Remote automatically stops in case of an obstacle thereby ensuring operator safety. 

    Increased productivity : Approximately 7 % (depending on mission parameters).

  • Weight control

    Weight control solutions

    How can we provide top quality service at a lower cost in cross-channel distribution ?

    Thanks to our innovating order-picking solutions with weight control : weight control is carried out in real time throughout the order picking process. 

  • AGV



    The AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is now present at all of our sites. It increases productivity and saves time so that staff can concentrate on value-added tasks.

  • Put to light

    “Put to light”

    Because top quality service also means staff well-being, FM Logistic has invented an innovating « put to light » solution.

    Whatever system is used (vocal or radio), it adapts to any order-picking device with its plug and play system : the order-picker places the product according to the light indication to provide an efficient, productive and high-quality service.

  • The roto-compacter

    The roto-compacter

    This new roto-compactor took 18 months to design in partnership with a Germany.

    company. It is an innovating technical solution to recover cardboard waste and reduce accidents at work. It is perfectly in line with FM Logistic's sustainable development policy.