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On March 22, the Board of Directors of the FM Logistic Group Corporate Foundation approved 3 new projects and a renewed partnership. RENEWAL OF PARTNERSHIP WITH SOS CHILDREN’S…

On April 9, 2021

On March 22, the Board of Directors of the FM Logistic Group Corporate Foundation approved 3 new projects and a renewed partnership.


The partnership between SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine, FM Logistic and FM Foundation began in 2019. It involves providing psychological support to vulnerable children at risk of social orphanages, as well as to their parents or guardians.
94 children and 28 parents/guardians have already benefited from professional psychosocial support during the first year of the partnership, in the form of individual psychotherapy consultations, individual development courses and personalized follow-up.
FM Logistic also participated in the partnership in the form of in-kind donations, transport sponsorship or skills sponsorship (Christmas gifts, logistical support for the delivery of humanitarian aid, replacement of the boilers of the SOS children’s village of Brovary, repair of the houses and autumn cleaning of the village, …).
For this new year of partnership, 50 children and 65 adults in family recovery and care programs are affected by the scheme.

Involvement of FM Logistic Group employees:
As in the previous year, FM Logistic employees will be able to get involved in the form of logistic sponsorship to deliver humanitarian aid or skills sponsorship to improve living conditions in the SOS children’s village of Brovary.
This year, there is also the possibility to give courses (online depending on the situation), to help with homework and to facilitate vocational guidance activities for young people (presentation seminar, excursion, professional meetings, mentoring, job interview simulation).

Impacts of the project:
The psychological support provided by this programme aims to improve the psychosocial status of children and parents or guardians, by stabilizing a positive psycho-emotional state, by improving self-esteem and self-control, while eliminating psychosomatic disorders, thus allowing the reconnection with social ties.


The Pescar Foundation was formalised in 1995, but the social work it carries out has existed since 1976. Its mission is to promote opportunities for personal development, citizenship and professional initiation for youth at social risk, through partnerships with companies and organizations.
The Logistics School is a 12-month training program (April 2021 to April 2022), supported by FM Logistic and FM Foundation, for the benefit of 15 youth from the city of Canoas in southern Brazil, aged 16 to 19, at social risk, with a per capita family income per month of a maximum of R$ 550.00 (about € 100).
The programme will consist of 60% personal development and citizenship courses and 40% vocational training and practical experience, for a total of 800 hours of courses.

Involvement of FM Logistic employees:

All courses offered as part of the program will be held at the FM Logistic site in Canoas.
FM Logistic volunteers will be able to teach, depending on their skills and knowledge.
The program will also include meetings with families, meetings with youth from different units, technical visits, participation in events and celebrations.

Impacts of the project:

This training program will help to maintain the education of the beneficiaries, prepare them for the work market and promote the strengthening of family and community ties.


Semya is a social services institution established in 2010 and located in the Moscow region, Domodedovo district. Its mission is to help the homeless and children in socially dangerous situations,
Due to the global COVID-19 situation, the institution needs to rebuild part of the space into medical isolation rooms for the reception of newcomers, in order to exclude uncontrolled ill children from contact with healthy children.
As the reconstruction project can only be carried out in the warm seasons of the year, it is planned to be carried out in the period from April to October 2021.
25 children aged 4 to 17, placed in the centre by social authorities for different reasons (alcohol or drug-addicted parents, poor family financial situation, lost parent-child relationships) will be protected through this project supported by the FM Logistic group and its foundation.

Involvement of FM Logistic group employees:

Approximately 15 FM Logistic employees will participate in the project as follows:

  • organization and planning of the project
  • project validation with the centre’s management (reconstruction, plans, materials, furniture)
  • contractor research and validation
  • organization of transport for delivery of materials
  • loading and unloading of materials
  • wall paint
  • furniture assembly
  • dismantling of old materials

5 employees of NG Concept, a company within the FM Logistic Group that designs and manufactures logistics platforms, will contribute their expertise and guide the process of carrying out the work.

Impact of the project:

The planned work will reduce the rate of sick children by excluding contact between sick and healthy children.


TARA is the name of the projects led by the Indian NGO ONYVA and the association CHAYA France, created in 2009.
TARA welcomes, in four houses in New Delhi, children who live with or without their parents in situations of danger. These children are placed at TARA by order of the Indian Children’s Judge. Most of them are in great danger in their home environment: they have been attacked, maimed, abandoned, trafficked or survivors in conditions that threatened their lives.
Through the funding of scholarships and the implementation of a skills donation program from April 2021 to February 2022, FM Logistic and FM Foundation will provide support to 20 boys, aged 6 to 18, living in one of the TARA houses.

Involvement of FM Logistic employees:

FM Logistic employees will engage in the project by donating skills, mentoring, interviews and exploring employment opportunities for older youth. They will also be able to visit children and spend time with them by celebrating various festivals, children’s day, or by organizing competitions for children.

Impact of the project:

This partnership will support the education of disadvantaged children and improve their educational outcomes, as well as improve their health, social skills and sense of security.

These 4 projects illustrate the commitment of FM Logistic Group employees to act with FM Foundation, all together for a more inclusive society.

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