Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

Perfumes and beauty products

The supply chain that respects your brand promise

FM Logistic provides personalised solutions adapted to your distribution network which meet the standards in the different channels of cosmetics distribution : supermarkets,  non-pharmaceutical chemist’s, specialist stores, integrated and selective networks.

Benefits & Services

In addition to comprehensive distribution and transport services, FM Logistic provides rigorous and specific customer solutions.

Creating well-adapted services

FM Logistic carries out studies on logistic and transport hubs in order to model a perfectly suited solution to your flows and optimise your logistic processes.

Meeting requirements

FM Logistic is able to meet your warehousing and order picking requirements. In compliance with warehousing standards, we develop customised solutions for the data management of your products (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, etc.) as well as the integrated management of non-commercial flows.

Personalised advice

Through innovation and investments made in automation, FM Logistic is developing genuine expertise in wrapping creation (stickering, labelling, promotional batches, ...) and box & display for your marketing strategy.

L'Occitane Case Study

  • L'Occitane


    L'Occitane is currently experiencing rapid growth following the integration of new brands so has to handle a wide range of client types and operations :

    • Distributors
    • Wholesalers
    • B2B
    • E-Commerce
    • Special operations


    FM implemented different services in order to facilitate and organise supply and distribution to l'Occitane customers :

    • Management of all warehousing activities (arrivals, picking, loading, returns)
    • Management of co-packing operations for seasonal promotional batches
    • Traceability guaranteed : All order-picking operations and bar code scanning is carried out using RF terminals
    • Automated conveyor

    Customer benefits

    By entrusting its Supply Chain to FM France, L'Occitane benefits from a multi-client platform that exports internationally and backup for its own warehouses.