Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


European Pharmaceutical Depository, health logistics professional

FM Health is a pharmaceutical depository and a subsidiary of FM Logistic. FM Health provides its customers with first class service and safe logistics organisation.

FM Health is committed to setting up customised solutions and global supply chain services for its customers' entire distribution network : retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical groups, wholesale distributors, medical equipment suppliers, clinics and hospitals, laboratories, health professionals and patients at home. 

Our FM Health solutions

FM Health, quality without compromise.

Adapted storage facilities

As a European pharmaceutical depository, FM Health provides adapted storage solutions. Facilities comply with regulatory norms including controlled temperatures (15°C/25°C warehouses, 2°C/8°C cold storage rooms, negative cold if required), 24/7 security as well as tried and tested processes in terms of reception, storage, order-picking and dispatch.

Uncompromising quality

Our primary concerns are quality, the safety of staff and patients, site security and environmental protection.

Our management system is an integrated system whose processes take these elements into account. As a depository, FM Health is a key player in the health chain.

Real-time precision

FM Health provides high-standard services and develops innovating and lasting solutions to guarantee the reliability and optimisation of the health supply chain. These solutions give an overall view of warehousing and distribution operations, enable performance monitoring and analysis using clear and customisable indicators (KPI), and make it possible to be proactive in case of malfunction.

Our assets

  • A multi-service range for industry

    FM Health provides various services that cover all laboratory needs end-to-end, coordinate every link in the supply chain within a single organisation, and provide operational efficiency in administration, logistics, sales and accounting :

    • Data base management (items, Customers, price, ...)
    • Order / Resupply processing
    • Hospital tender processing
    • Invoicing / Recovery
    • Batch recalls and reverse logistics
    • Storage and inventory management
    • Product release
    • External packaging
    • Dedicated hospital distribution (DHD)
    • Business activity and personnel takeover
  • The right IT tools

    IT adapted to the pharmaceutical business

    • WMS approved
    • Business-activity-specific tools


    Sound experience of customer challenges

    • Stable system database
    • Complete traceability of stock movement
    • Deadlines met
    • Considerable experience in interface project implementation and migration with SAP, JD Edwards and all other ERP systems
  • Efficient Transport

    FM Health ensures efficient and safe transport for your goods in total compliance with best distribution practices : 

    • Partners are pre-selected and audited
    • Performance is monitored
    • Action plans are targeted
  • Permanently looking to progress

    • Continuous improvement programme
    • Internal and external audits
    • Regular BPD and BPF training sessions
    • Strict compliance with Standard Operational Procedures
  • A team attentive to your project

    Our objective : To transform the target plan into a functional reality, in a transparent and consensual way and within budget.

    One unique contact person will oversee the day to day running of your business, they will coordinate operations and fulfil the objectives defined with you :

    • Steering committee
    • Regular reporting
    • Permanent risk analysis
    • Action plan monitoring

FM Health is a reference partner, in terms of operational excellence and continuous improvement for the health industry with :


  • Pharmaceutical depository
  • Manufacturing laboratory (restricted to external packaging)
  • Transporter and transport commission agent


  • ISO 9001 V2008
  • ISO 13485 V2003


  • ANSM
  • Manufacturing laboratory restricted to secondary packaging
  • Transporter and transport commission agent

Skills base

  • Public Health Code
  • Best practices (distribution, manufacturing, hospital pharmacies) 

Our difference is our sense of commitment

Our strength comes from the working synergy between our specialists in business, operations and support. We are able to design solutions, implement them and continually improve our processes based on the requirements of our customers, so that their Supply Chain gives them the competitive edge.

The same business culture

Having the same business culture as our Customers enables us to integrate their challenges and their strategy. FM Health aims to establish a permanent dialogue so as to make partnerships last. It is of utmost importance to FM Health to honour commitments and accompany our Customers in their strategic, commercial and geographical developments.

Our multi-client platforms meet high quality standards and comply with all norms in the pharmaceutical sector.

Your patients' safety

Our teams are trained and made aware of issues in the sector in order to follow best pharmaceutical and manufacturing practices and take care of product distribution. Our pharmacists oversee the conformity and smooth running of processes. They also ensure that regular audits are carried out in order to guarantee that applicable regulations and standards are complied with.