Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


Pool your supply chain to improve efficiency

FM Logistic is specialised in logistics, transport and co-packing. To conquer new retail markets (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), we create innovating, flexible and reliable solutions for our supply chain customers. 

Our main objective is to reach the end customer via any distribution channel and  to guarantee optimum satisfaction for our customers .

FM Logistic has developed a cooperative service that meets all main challenges : Pooling.

Benefits and services

Multi-temperature warehouses

FM logistic is always in phase with its customers requirements by developing new tools and processes.

All of our warehouses cater for different temperature requirements such as positive and negative cold, and dry zones.

Traceability guaranteed

Our solution guarantees the performance and smooth distribution of your products. Our certified sites comply with the latest standards regarding warehousing, handling and transport of hazardous goods. Rigorous procedures regulate all hazards in a safe environment. Everything is managed by a powerful IT tool integrating the standards for managing these products.


Genuine optimisation

FM Logistic provides a complexity management service as well as order-picking for different distribution channels (GMS, e-commerce, ...). We also use Pooling which optimises loading rates by having multi-client loads.