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La logique des transports urbain

Societal pillar

Being a key player in local and national solidarity

Develop local partnerships

Supporting local causes is part of FM Logistic's identity. We have always been committed and we intend to continue assisting local and national associations. For the past 5 years, FM France has been assisting the French Association for the Paralysed by printing out their communication documents.

FM France has developed an internal label for all of our sustainable development operations : Bluetouch.


FM France has created an internal label to group together and encourage social, societal, environmental and sponsoring operations.

Since 2012, hundreds of operations have been carried out :

  • Social initiatives : the creation of a postal and concierge service, group purchases, ...
  • Societal initiatives : blood donation, various charity collections, platform visits, ...
  • Environmental initiatives : installing beehives, various recycling collections, ... 
  • Sponsoring initiatives : providing sports shirts, sporting competitions, ... 

2014 Figures :

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