Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

Continuous improvement

Creating value for our customers and ourselves.

Our teams' operational intelligence, skills and expertise in the field is the best leverage we have to reinforce our operational excellence and become even more competitive. 

Our Continuous Improvement approach is based on three pillars :

  • Constant questioning
  • Only the essential
  • Collective intelligence

3 main programs


Allows the company to put all of its effort and resources into achieving an objective rapidly. 

How :

A comprehensive operational assessment is carried out and a precise action plan drawn up by the operational team and backed by the Continuous Improvement department.

Content at a glance :

  • Defining and measuring performances
  • Tracking the value chain 
  • Observing processes in the field 
  • Identifying muda, mura and muri
  • Assessing the way the activity is run 
  • Assessing the  5Ss & visual management 
  • Defining actions


Programme based on simple, concrete, low-cost actions. 

How :

Targeted improvement projects and continuous improvement training for operational teams.

Content at a glance :

  • Defining the notion of added-value for the Customer 
  • Defining waste areas 
  • Training in problem resolving methods (Ishikawa diagram, 5P, QQOQCCP, ...) 
  • Training in visual management


How :

Comprehensive training programme and skills certification approach.

Content at a glance :

  • Field-oriented training programme : active monitoring rituals, implementing the 5Ss, SMED and autonomous maintenance. 
  • Acquiring a skills certification in Continuous Improvement : Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt