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FMEA, network of Adapted Companies, subsidiaries of FM Logistic France

Testimony of Sandrine Buecheler

  • For several years now, FM France's Human Resources policy has had a strong focus on employing and integrating people with disabilities into our teams and on our platforms ; in 2014 the rate of handicapped staff was over 9 %.

    We have developed a network of Adapted Companies as part of our sustainable development and social responsibility policy that concerns everyone in the Company.

    Setting up Adapted Companies near our existing FM France infrastructures is the opportunity for us, alongside other Companies in the sector, to :

    • Facilitate  permanent jobs in stable sectors with optimum working conditions
    • Develop new activities in order to adapt the work to the individual
    • Allow everyone to get a qualification, skills recognition, and in the long-term (depending on individual goals) a job in an ordinary Company.

    The first FMEA Adapted Company in Centre Val de Loire was set up at the Saint-Cyr-en-Val site (45) in July 2015. A new project is in progress in the Picardie region in France and others will follow suit.

    So it's the beginning of a new adventure and an integral part of the values that the Company has had since its creation in1967.

    Sandrine Buecheler - FMEA Director

What's an adapted company ?

First and foremost a Company

A Customer-satisfaction-oriented Company with business development to ensure long-term success and jobs. Customer satisfaction factors :  proximity, operational excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.

A Company with a strong and established social vocation

A Company where "disabilities are not a handicap" and each member of staff benefits from  socio-professional support in 3 priority areas :

Professional support

In order to keep the employee in their job, FMEA adapts its processes and activities to each member of staff. FMEA is assisted in this by an occupational ergonomist-psychologist and FM Logistic France's automation department.

Social support

FMEA assists staff with administrative formalities, works with social workers and develops partnerships according to specific needs (psychiatric services, re-education centres, ...).

Qualifications and skills recognition

Each member of staff benefits from individual support in their professional projects in the aim of creating a long-term plan. This entails providing immersion courses and skills recognition programmes (CQP (French professional qualification certificates), VAE (French validation of acquired experience), ...).

The activities of FMEA

  • The activities of FMEA

    FMEA develops business activities to meet your needs and achieve our goal : « Creating permanent jobs for people with disabilities, developing and enhancing their skills in a satisfactory working environment »

    Logistic services

    • Packaging operations
    • Kit assembly
    • Sticking
    • Bagging

    Related services

    • Reverse logistics
    • Returns handling
    • Warehouse cleaning services
    • Recyclable waste sorting

    Administrative services

    • Litigation management
    • Document scanning
    • Administrative tasks : data input, mailing, mail management