Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


An initiative for the last mile of delivery

Congestion in large cities is a reality. More than ever, deliveries to town centres impact the environment : pollution, noise, congestion... Rome is the first town to have reacted to this issue by greatly reducing access to the town's historical centre for fuel-powered vehicles. 

FM Logistic's CityLogin solution is a joint-venture with Mag-Di (Italian transporter). It is an innovating concept based on the pooling of logistics and the last mile of transport. A cooperative, sustainable and value-creating approach for all parties, that will be developed in other European cities.

5 000 delivery points / 15 round trips per day / -20% of energy consumption

A solution for sustainable and successful urban logistics

Increase sales efficiency

  • Simplification of logistics in store
  • improve seller's efficiency
  • Facilitate the implementation of store to web / web to store offer

Reduce the environmental impact

  • Reduce city congestion
  • Reduce emissions (pollutants, greenhouse gas)
  • Restrict noise pollution

improve brand image

  • Present concrete action to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Communicate about positive impact on the environment