Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


A comprehensive service for optimal reactivity

FM Logistic organises your co-packing strategy. Ever closer to operations to ensure optimal reactivity and flexibility, our industrial organisation is the key to your success.

Our high standard of service in terms of package design, component sourcing and production, is attained through optimised planning and  improved stock rotation through delayed differentiation. Our custom-made solutions fit into your strategy and transform your co-packing into a solution that gives you the competitive edge.

Our industrial approach (methods, continuous improvement, automation, information systems) is your guarantee that best practices are implemented. Our certifications (ISO, IFS, ...) and our experience in seasonal operations management of any size is our promise of a top quality service.

FM Logistic : a key partner, leader of co-packing operations in Europe.

Recognized expertise

By entrusting your products to an industry expert, whatever your needs, you can rest assured that your products will be handled with a strict respect for the norms and standards in your industry: traceability and batch identification, contract dates management, compliance with health and safety regulations, classified product handling, anti-counterfeiting procedures, respect for product integrity, returns management and unbatching.

Effective technologies

In order to guarantee efficient answers to all your projects, we work upstream to master the best technologies and innovations, formalize the best practices and ensure the feasibility and quality of the finished products, offer synchronization of flows and design a full service tailored to your projects.

The wall-to-wall offer

Your copacking activities integrated into your logistics flows in the same place.


L'offre Lean Design and Copack

A global solution that accompanies you through all the key stages of your project: from packaging design to production through the sourcing of components. It also guarantees your service rate goes through enhanced planning and improves your stock rotation through delayed differentiation.

A dedicated creative team

Integrated in the research department, an expert will guide you through your entire project: from design to launch, through prototype creation and testing. Understanding your needs, valorising your products, respecting your brand image and surprising your customers, these are our objectives.

Your cost optimization

Using the latest software in model and graphic design, our research department designs packaging and displays in 3D and ensures industrial feasibility. Strength of proposal, our team is working to reduce time-to-market to optimize the overall cost while conceptualizing packaging consistent with mechanized lines.

A green offer

The group has formed numerous partnerships with tech and packaging solution suppliers to create secondary packaging solutions that are innovative, eco-responsible and environmentally friendly.