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FM Logistic obtains ISO 50001 certification for all its sites



Aimed at improving company energy performance, the ISO 50001 standard applies to all FM Logistic sites in France excluding subsidiaries, i.e. more than 1 114 000 m2.

The ISO 50001 standard reflects FM Logistic's commitment to sustainable development

ISO 50001 certification meets FM Logistic’s sustainability priorities. The objective of this standard is to optimise and reduce energy consumption (electricity, gas and diesel), in order to improve the energy efficiency of all company activities.

The 50001 standard guarantees the presence of an energy referent on each site, and the importance given to energy criteria in the purchase of equipment and in the design of buildings. Indeed, FM Logistic affirms its wish to have ever more efficient platforms that combine energy efficiency, respect for the environment and improved employee well-being. Like the Escrennes platform, certified "NF HQETM Bâtiments Tertiaires (commercial buildings)", level Excellent, recently built and designed by NG Concept, an FM Logistic Group company, the new platforms meet the highest standards in terms of sustainable construction and is aiming for "HQE Bâtiment Durable (High Environmental Quality, sustainable building)" certification.

FM Logistic's objective is to reduce its energy consumption by 12% by 2022, and to achieve carbon neutrality of its activities, warehousing and co-packing by 2030 - a major objective, given that FM Logistic started or extended 19 contracts in France in 2018-2019 and increased its turnover by 14.7%. However, the first results are promising: since 2017, the company has already reduced its kWh/m² consumption by 15%.

A 3rd ISO certification obtained in 2020

Obtaining the ISO 50001 standard is the culmination of a certification strategy initiated in 2016. FM Logistic therefore decided to start a voluntary certification process in two steps: ISO 45001, the first international standard dealing with occupational health and safety management, and ISO 50001 dealing with energy management. The latter is thus in line with this continuity and reinforces the standards ISO 9001 (quality management) et ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety) 

FM Logistic, supported by the consulting firm Adfine, made a diagnosis and then provided training for its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, and Maintenance teams for all its sites in France. Energy uses have been listed site by site, with the aim of highlighting significant uses and prioritising energy reductions.

"The adoption of a certification strategy since 2016 and compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 and 45001 standards have made the integration of the prerequisites of ISO 50001 simpler and smoother. We had taken the lead, all we had to do was add the energy brick.", says Lydie Raveleau-Richet, Director of Transformation & QHSE, Security and Customs Activities at FM Logistic.

FM Logistic applies the same processes as for the previous standards:

o   Management system support

o   Feedback from the field

o   Change management

o   Audits of all platforms


A humane approach

Achieving the objectives is as much about optimising the equipment as it is about the commitment of the employees who are involved - all at their own levels.

"It's not just management's approach. In the field, managers must have a very precise vision of their consumption in order to be able to act on it. ” says Lydie Raveleau-Richet.

The ISO 50001 certification guarantees a concrete application, which allows everyone to take ownership of the subject. Initially questioned about their perception of energy consumption, employees are invited to submit their ideas at any time.
They also participate in awareness sessions to reduce their daily consumption.

A survey conducted among FM Logistic employees reveals both their willingness to invest in the environment and their pride in seeing their company involved in an environmental approach.

About FM Logistic 

FM Logistic France is a subsidiary of the FM Logistic Group, a leading international player in the warehousing, transport and packaging industries. With 1 400 000 m² of warehousing space located at the heart of logistics centres, FM Logistic France ensures the optimisation of industrial flows and distributors. With 6 300 employees, the company has 30 platforms and, as 31 March 2019, it had a turnover of 485 million EUR. Expert in agrifood, industry and electronics, distribution, personal and homecare products, beauty and health sectors, FM Logistic France is the first co-packer in France, with over 12 million consumer units packaged per month. A socially responsible company, FM Logistic France offers optimal working conditions enabling its employees to develop both professionally and personally. For this reason, and for the fifth consecutive year, it has been certified Top Employer France and the first French logistics company to be ISO 45001 certified for all its sites. A committed player, FM Logistic is certified, in 2020, ISO 50001 - energy management.

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