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FM Logistic has obtained ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) certification across all company sites in France, representing 30 logistics platforms that together employ over 6000 people. It is an honour that highlights FM Logistic’s excellent record over the past several years on improving occupational health and safety, reducing the number of workplace accidents and offering the best quality of life within the company. 

This system of managing health and safety, which includes all employees, is fully in line with the group’s sustainable development programme, one main objective of which is to “take care of our workers”.


Development founded on durability and responsibility 

Often seen as accident prone, with jobs that can be difficult and physically demanding (musculoskeletal problems and other health risks), the logistics sector is particularly concerned by matters of occupational health and safety.

In this context, FM Logistic has long since implemented safety policy and practices designed to create a safe working environment for its employees. Launched over 10 years ago, this approach has accelerated over the last few years with Occupational Health and Safety commitments and the establishment of a safety culture through events that raise awareness on safety fundamentals.


Ongoing improvement

To take this commitment further, in 2016, FM Logistic decided to initiate ISO 45001 certification, the new international standard to manage occupational health and safety. 

Two years were required to bring the company’s quality management system in line with the standard’s requirements. For this, the Quality Hygiene Safety and Environment France Board, supported by the whole company, restructured the way occupational health and safety is managed.

“We centered our project around three stages: the participatory process, self-assessment and, lastly, the QHSE toolkit. Our objective is to involve and empower all employees, from forklift drivers, to order pickers, to platform directors, and including all support staff,” explained Lydie Raveleau Richet, Transformation Director, QHSE, Security and Customs, at FM Logistic France.


FM Logistic was able to demonstrate characteristic determination and agility, adapting its management system to meet the certification criteria through concrete preventative measures: regular safety events, a safety awareness campaign, the establishment of a gym, a procedure for reporting dangerous situations, ergonomic strategy, a system to aid handling through ergo-skeletal tests, commitments on pension and health insurance, and more.

The company also drew on many of its existing strengths, building on actions that had already been implemented:

  • workplace accidents and minor incidents are reported and assessed, and their frequency and severity are monitored
  • over 10% of employees are trained in first aid
  • safety points are made during management processes (site management committee - client steering committee….)
  • collaborative management process (Top 5, employee meetings, employee breakfasts…)
  • preventative work groups including employees
  • close collaboration with health and safety committees (CHSCT)
  • visual management in the warehouses...


ISO 45001, a new international standard

In March 2018, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) introduced a new standard, ISO 45001, covering occupational health and safety management for all industries. This standard enables companies to establish a framework of reference to improve worker safety, reduce occupational risk and, more globally, create better, safer working conditions. Initially British (OHSAS 18 001), the ISO 45001 is international. It ensures internal preventative measures have been implemented and provides the guarantee required by partners.


A road map for the future 

The first audit for the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards took place at FM Logistic France in October and November 2018 at seven sample sites: Crépy-en-Valois, Neuville-aux-Bois, Epaux-Bezu, Ludres, Savigny-sur-Clairis, l'Herbergement and Brumath.

Following the final audit, which took place on January 30, 2019, of the certificatory organisation’ technical committee (DNV) met and approved the certification.

As is already the case for ISO 9001, an audit will be carried out each year on a new sample group in a system of rotation. Over a period of 3 years, all the platforms in France will be audited.

The ISO 45001 standard provides a guarantee that safety measures are implemented and, as part of a health and safety management system in which all employees are involved, represents a true road map for the future. Reliable and relevant, the standard responds to FM Logistic France customer expectations.


FM Logistic’s approach to sustainable development

An international and independent family business, FM Logistic’s development is founded on durability and performance. Sustainable development is a priority that is part of the company’s strategic plan.

As such, FM Logistic’s vision is to “create solutions for a supply chain that provides a better quality of life”, and the company’s mission is to “together build sustainable ecosystems.”

For FM Logistic, sustainable development is first and foremost a matter of taking care of its employees, improving the company’s environmental footprint and developing services for a sustainable supply chain.