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2012-2022 : committed together in an international adventure

50 years of success

FM Logistic  is a family-run business. Since its creation in 1967, it has climbed the ladder to success step by step. Today, the group is one of the leading  logistics providers in the French market.

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Sharing the same values

Encouraging a participative approach to move forward together

In 2015, all staff were asked to answer 3 questions with a view to adapting the values defined in 2007 to the Group's new multi-cultural dimension : "What are your personal values ?  What values do you see in the company ? What values do you think are necessary for FM Logistic to be even more successful in the future ?". The operation was a hit with a 74 % participation rate. It highlighted the commitment of FM Logistic staff in all countries. With 11,000 responses, the project team was able to hold 35 quality discussion groups involving 250 people from operators to executive committee members. The objective was to finalise the values that would support FM Logistic's strategy and enable continued growth.  Following implementation in the autumn of 2016, the objective now is to bring the values to life within the Group so that they become a differentiating, high-performance tool. 

Our company culture is based on 3 values for working and succeeding together

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Every member of staff is important and deserves respect, consideration and kindness. With trust, people can give the best of themselves, find new energy and work cooperatively and autonomously. Trust is the basis of sustainable relations within a company, with customers and partners. It is given by principle and grows over time. 


The company’s long-term ambition is based on sustainable customer satisfaction and the achievement of high-standard results. This performance is attained through the pursuit of quality, security and continuous improvement on a daily basis. Our staff members are the key to this performance through their excellence, their collective commitment and their sense of responsibility.


In an ever changing world, the company has to constantly reinvent itself and innovate in order to provide its customers with the best services. Being open makes it possible to call existing procedures into question, by listening to all parties involved. It creates win-win relationships in a spirit of partnership and it allows employees to show initiative and creativity.

Governance bodies

Our governance meets international standards : an independent Executive Committee and Board of Directors, a majority of independent directors on the board of directors and committees.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines the financial and legal structure of the company and validates the strategy (new countries, new market sectors etc.) put forward by the Executive Committee.

  • Claude FAURE - co-founder of FM Logistic 
    and honorary president
  • Régis BELLO - independent manager
  • Monique ZOMENO - independent manager
  • Jean-Claude MICHEL - chairman
  • Gilles FAURE - original family manager
  • Marie-Laure FAURE - original family manage
  • Olivier Faure - CEO FM Finances
  • Vincent MERCIER - independent manager

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages company operations, commercial developments, as well as management and human resources choices.

  • Jean-Christophe MACHET – Committee executive officer
  • Vittorio BATTAGLIA – Transport director and general manager of Italy
  • Yannick BUISSON – Managing director for Western Europe
  • Daniel CIZ – Finance and purchasing director
  • Cécile CLOAREC – Human ressources, communication & sustainable development director
  • Stéphane DESCARPENTRIES – Asia Director, strategic projects and mergers & acquisitions
  • Christophe MENIVARD – Managing director for Eastern Europe
  • Béatrice OGEE - Commercial and marketing director
  • Xavier PREVOST – Director, Business Solutions & Information Systems


  • « Our Group was founded by people imbued through and through with the spirit of enterprise. This passion has always driven our development. There are now more than 27,200 of us throughout the world, all driven by the same desire to do business and the same sense of responsibility. »Read more

    Jean-Christophe Machet, CEO of FM Logistic

Key figures

FM Logistic has chosen to enter an in-depth transformation phase that will allow it to meet the objectives in the Ambition 2022 plan. The group meets the billion euro mark in revenue.

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The People






2018/2019 balance sheet

  • FM Logistic reported revenues of €1,318 million in the year ending March 2019, up 11.8% year-on-year, and earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of €35.1 million, up 32% from last fiscal year’s €26.5 million. Adjusted for currency effects, revenue growth was 15%. The EBIT improvement was driven by measures taken to be more commercially selective and to increase operational efficiency.

    Annual Report 2018-19.pdf (7.2 MB)