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La logique des transports urbain


FM France's governance is based on an Executive Committee made up of our business experts and which is in line with French standards.

FM Logistic Group has set an objective for 2022 : to be leader in the international logistics market. Within this 10-year strategic plan, the French Executive Committee is developing a 3-year Company management plan concerning operations, sales developments, management choices and human resources. Together with the Group management team a French strategy is being defined whose objective is long-term Customer satisfaction and Company development optimisation to ensure continued success.

Ambition 2022 : Citizenship, Innovation and Growth

  • "FM France, corporate citizen of 50 years, resolutely innovative and focused on continuous improvement for the satisfaction of its Customers.

    As one of the leaders in the logistics and transport markets in France, our operational excellence guarantees that our Customers are provided with top quality service that facilitates their business development and strengthens our partnership.

    Part of our development strategy includes reducing the impact we have on the environment, which is why all of our new buildings are HQE certified.

    FM France is committed to health and safety at work. Our constant aim is to improve working conditions for Staff to ensure their well-being on a day to day basis.

    Through the implementation of the « Ambition 2022 » strategic plan, FM France intends to be a forerunner in logistics innovation for the benefit of its Customers."

    Yannick Buisson - Managing Director FM France

Le Comité de Direction France

Laurent Leleu

Human Resources Director

Jean-Marc Tolini

Director of Expertise and Innovation

Laurence Bouillet

Director of Management Control

Lydie Raveleau-Richet

Director of Transformation
Quality Health Safety Security Environment and customs

Hervé Cheucle

Sales Director and Marketing

François Regnier

Opérations Director