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La logique des transports urbain


FM Logistic, the success of a Family-run Business

50 years of success

FM Logistic is a family-run business. Since its creation in 1967, it has climbed the ladder to success step by step. Today, the group is one of the leading  logistics providers on the French market.

Family values and entrepreneur's soul

  • The founders of FM Logistic : Edmond FAURE, Claude FAURE, Jean-Marie MACHET

    1967- 2014, 47 years to build the current FM Logistic edifice. Business life is a daily challenge, especially when experiencing strong and continuous growth, which has been the case for our company.

    Our success has not been left to chance. It is the result of a strong legacy of family values combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and a good dose of common sense. Having this example to follow as well as the desire to continue our story, the second generation has brilliantly taken the reins, with the same success-bearing foundations.

    Today, the management teams combine these values with their own expertise and skills. 2014 was a year of victories : the grand prix for Up and Coming Companies, 2nd prize for Kings of the Supply Chain, the Gold Trophy for Finance Leaders, the gold trophy for Legal Management...

    So it is with shared pride and team strength that we continue writing our story on new continents.

    Claude FAURE on behalf of the founders - Honorary President

Founded in 1967, FM Logistic's story has always been marked by the values of its founders - respect for others, team and entrepreneurial spirit, high performance ethics and enthusiasm.  This company culture is at the heart of FM Logistic's success.

In the glorious 30s in France, two brothers, Claude and Edmond Faure decided to launch their wood transport company. At the same time, Jean-Marie Machet took the reins of his family-run transport business. The marriage between Mireille Machet and Claude Faure was to affect the destiny of the two families and lead to the creation of a transport company in 1967 : "Faure & Machet". 12 staff members and 7 vehicles.

The company expanded to 90 employees and 75 vehicles in 1976. In 1982 the company really took off, gaining the trust of the Mars group who was to become the first customer to stock their products with Faure & Machet. 

Within 20 years, the company employed 300 staff members and had 38,000 m² of warehousing space in France. Building on its success, the Company developed contract packaging at its warehouses.

In 1988, "Faure & Machet" becames FM Logistic in order to facilitate international exportation, while ensuring that its values and family spirit remained.

With the aim of providing an ever better service, since 2012, FM France's new platforms have been built according to HQE certification standards.  

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