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For FM Logistic, the logistics partner of choice for manufacturers and retailers, sustainable development is a strategic priority. As part of its policy of supporting humanitarian, social and environmental projects, its French subsidiary has recently signed a partnership agreement with Apprentis d’Auteuil, an organisation that runs social action, education, training and integration programmes for young people. The aim: to set up the first logistics training course leading to a qualification for 18-25-year olds.

With this partnership, FM Logistic France and Apprentis d’Auteuil want to support youngsters who underperformed at school, have social or family issues or are at risk of social exclusion and to help them get a foothold in the world of work in a field where the prospects are good.


A first year group of trainees in 2017

The recruitment process for the first year group, who will start their course in January  2017, will be organised in several stages by FM Logistic France and Apprentis d’Auteuil through its training subsidiary Auteuil Formation Continue (AFC). The partners will be supported in their mission by the public job centre (Pôle Emploi) and a temporary work agency, Adecco Groupe France.

First of all, there will be pre-qualification process for the candidates, which will take place mid-2016. The actual recruitment phase, involving interviews and the selection of potential candidates, will begin in September.

At the end of this phase, about fifteen young people aged from 18 to 25 years, will have been chosen for the first year group. They will join three FM Logistic platforms (Longueil-Sainte-Marie, Crépy-en-Valois and Ressons- sur-Matz) situated in Picardy, which serves as a pilot region for FM Logistic.


Cooperation at every stage 

The 12-month training programme will enable the trainees in this first year group to obtain the Multi-skilled logistics operative qualification, corresponding to the job of order picker.

This course which is undertaken under a "professionalisation contract" involves reinforced personal mentoring ("APR"). This scheme, created by AFC, takes into consideration, as a whole, the different issues faced by the most fragile trainees. The scheme genuinely helps young people in difficulties to integrate, by ensuring each young person has a mentor and specific people to refer to.

FM Logistic France is proud to be involved in setting up this new  personalised training scheme, which will be developed by the two partners over the coming months. This collaboration is intended to to be a long-term arrangement.

"We have decided to make the social and professional integration of young people with no qualifications because they dropped out of the school system too soon one of the priorities of our programmes,"explains Nicolas Truelle, general manager of Apprentis d’Auteuil. "We are convinced that we need to break down the barriers between the business world, education and the welfare system. The future lies in co-developing training programmes that offer the most fragile youngsters a chance to succeed at something in their lives, whilst also meeting firms' recruitment needs and  helping them to fulfil their CSR duties".


About FM Logistic France

Created in 1982, FM Logistic France is a subsidiary of FM Logistic, one of the reference international players in the fields of warehousing, transport and co-packing.

With 1,300,000 m² of warehousing space situated in the heart of the logistics barycentres, FM Logistic France optimises industrial and retail flows. With 4,550 employees, the company has
27 platforms and and generated a turnover of 380 million Euros in the year ending 31 March 2015.

With its expertise in the food, industry and electronics , retail, personal and home care, beauty and health sectors, FM Logistic France is the no. 1 co-packer in France with 600,000 units prepared every day. For more information:


About Apprentis d’Auteuil

A Catholic foundation recognised as a "public interest" body and committed player in prevention and child protection, Apprentis d’Auteuil develops social action, education, training and integration programmes in France and abroad to give vulnerable young people and families what they lack most: confidence.

Apprentis d’Auteuil provides support for almost 30,000 young people and families in almost 230 establishments. These youngsters are entrusted to them by their families or by the children's welfare department. The foundation provides 85 different vocational training courses in 17 industries.

On the international front, Apprentis d’Auteuil has elected to work in partnership with other organisations. The foundation is involved in schemes in over 54 countries, working with 195 local partners. Every year, 22,000 young people and families benefit from these programmes around the world.

Auteuil Formation Continue (AFC), a subsidiary association of Apprentis d’Auteuil, is dedicated to training and getting people with social issues, in particular young people under the age of 26, into or back into work. AFC's aims are three-fold: to enable the least qualified young people (aged 16-25) to get their first job; to qualify, facilitate and optimise the return to work of young people and adults who have been out of work for a long time; to maintain, transfer and develop the skills of low-skilled workers in particular.

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