Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain



FM Logistic’s new platform, located in L’Herbergement, was opened on October 4th. Since September 2017, the platform has housed Europe Snacks, the leader of the French apéritifs market, for upstream transport (between its production site and the platform) and warehousing. Since March 2018, the platform has also housed Petit Navire, the leading canned fish manufacturer, for logistics and transport.

Built at the centre of the two food industry manufacturers’ activities by NG Concept, a subsidiary of FM Group, the platform presents numerous advantages. There are at present 5 cells for a surface area of 28 500 m², which will eventually increase to nearly 34 500 m².


The first FM Logistic site in the West of France

Operating primarily in Ile-de-France, the Centre Region, Rhone-Alpes and East and South East France, FM Logistic wanted to expand into the West and offer FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) manufacturers an ideal location there. Multi-client and multi-activity, the platform at L’Herbergement is located 40 km from Nantes. This differentiates it from most of the pre-existing logistics sites, which are situated in the big cities of Nantes or Rennes.

Today, the platform has a storage capacity of 32 000 pallets and 28 loading docks. Each day, almost 20 000 Europe Snacks and Petit Navire packages are prepared and 2 600 pallets come and go. The site also receives an average of 6 to 8 containers per day.


A next generation site

Certified “NF Commercial Buildings - HQE™ Standard”, the L’Herbergement platform meets the highest standards in sustainable construction. As such, 1 500 m² of photovoltaic solar panels have been installed on the building’s roof. With an output of 100 kWc, the estimated 110 000 kWh of electricity production will cover part of the site’s electricity needs. 

In terms of water efficiency, the site is fitted with equipment (time-limited water saving taps and so on) that enables savings of 51% more clean water than a traditional site.

In terms of energy savings, it was decided that the site would have dual-flow ventilation and a heat pump for the offices. As for lighting, all spaces (from warehouses to offices, and even the car parks) are lit using LEDs that closely resemble daylight.

With regards to landscape integration, the outdoor spaces have been landscaped to feature local, non-invasive and non-allergenic plants.

In parallel, NG Concept is taking steps to obtain the E+C- label (for positive-energy buildings with low carbon output) for the offices, with a view to the future environmental regulation RE2020 that will replace the current RT2012. The site has also obtained the RHP label (“Risque Hautement Protégé”), issued by the FM Global insurer. This certification attests to “the excellent level of risk prevention and accident protection, both industrial (fire, explosion, machinery breakdown), and natural”.


Innovative equipment

To respond to new Supply Chain challenges, FM Logistic continually provides clients with innovative solutions. The L’Herbergement site features:

  • Two autodocks, to load and unload Europe Snacks products automatically;
  • Slip Sheet, which facilitates the unloading of containers by replacing the wooden pallets with laminated Kraftliner sheet in the containers, allowing unloading using a frontloader;
  • A fully automated co-packing line equipped with a gripper robot for depalletizing;
  • AGV conveyors for this line (in 2019);
  • Embedded scanner technology, which ensures pallets are automatically scanned for optimal traceability during the identification process.


A high potential platform

With 6 000 m² more space to come, this FM Logistic site is available for a third manufacturer with requirements that are compatible with those of Europe Snacks and Petit Navire. A pioneer in pooling, FM Logistic wants to pool the logistic and transport processes to optimise clients’ stock levels while helping to significantly reduce levels of C02 emissions.

Asked what makes this site unique, Jean-Marie Aubrée, its director, said: “50% of management staff at the L’Herbergement platform comes from our Young Talents Nursery. These future operational managers are working with experienced employees from other FM Logistics sites. That is a real asset for a successful launch!”