Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain



FM Logistic, international reference in warehousing, transport and packing, has received the Happy At Work for Starters certificate, the first participatory label to give a seal of approval to companies that are a great place to start your career. Staff members particularly praised the group for its good working atmosphere and trust placed in them.


Staff satisfaction assessment label

With its basic concept of « Being happy in your professional life », the independent site, attributes the label every year. It rewards management excellence and staff motivation including the underlying principles of personal and professional development.

FM Logistic staff in their early career in France and internationally (VIE – French International Business Volunteer Programme) were given a 100 % digital and anonymous questionnaire. They were asked 18 questions split into 6 categories in order to assess their level of satisfaction at work : Progression – Stimulating environment – Management – Recognition / Motivation – Pride – Pleasure.

FM Logistic came out 4th in the listing of 200 great companies to start your career.


Remarkable overall performance

FM Logistic’s young members of staff gave their views on the means available (environment, resources) to carry out their missions as well as their desire to go further for their company. Result: 75.8 % of opinions were favourable and the overall mark was 4.27 out of 5.

Among the most appreciated categories, ‘pleasure’ came in first for FM Logistic staff (84.8 %), followed by ‘stimulating environment’ (82.4 %) then ‘professional development’ (80.6 %). The company is recognised for:

  • Allowing its young employees to progress and learn (90.9 %);
  • Being innovative (89.1 %);
  • Putting its trust in employees (89.1 %);
  • Giving teams the means to reach their objectives (89.1 %).

Open-ended questions were put to young members of staff on what sets FM Logistic apart, and many highlighted:

  • the autonomy given on projects (« It makes you grow in terms of skills ») ;
  • contact with operations (« The fact of being able to follow a project through from A to Z ») ;
  • recognition (« I’m given responsibilities and I’m trusted ») ;
  • the diversity of tasks (« I find this extremely motivating ») ;
  • the integration programme (logistics-related training + a week’s on-site support).


Results that confirm a policy of committed talent

After obtaining Best Employer label in Poland and Top Employer label in France for its talent, career and succession management strategies, FM Logistic receives another award for the special attention it pays to its young members of staff.

Capitalising on the stability and sustainable vision of a family-run group, and the advantages of being an international group, FM Logistic has set the objective of heightening support for existing staff and attracting new talent to the company. This initiative means that new employees will be supported and guided, making them stronger and more capable throughout their careers.

In France, the company has recently started developing its employer brand with the aim of intensify recruitment, especially of young talent. 400 new members of staff are forecast for 2016 including operators, forklift drivers, team leaders, process engineers, project managers and business or platform directors.