Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain



Partners since 1996, Carrefour France and FM Logistic are inaugurating the retailer's logistics site in Savigny-sur-Clairis, near Sens (Yonne) today.

Operated by FM Logistic, the 57,000 m² platform houses the warehousing and order picking activities for food (dry goods and groceries) and HPC (home and personal care) orders for the 1,100 points of sale in the Paris and Lyon regions (Carrefour hypermarkets, Carrefour Market supermarkets and Carrefour Proximité local stores).

The period since the site opened in January 2017 and the ramping up of its activities over the last 18 months has been marked by a number of large-scale recruitment campaigns. The workforce – now 221 employees on permanent contracts, the model preferred by the logistics provider – is now in the stabilisation phase. It is expected to reach 270 by the end of 2018. 


A site equipped with innovative solutions

Situated close to the A6, A19 and A5 motorways, the Savigny-sur-Clairis platform was designed especially for Retail logistics, with its 115 docks to receive deliveries and ship orders. Classified "SEVESO lower tier", its ten compartments house some 21,000 different references, including aerosols and inflammable liquids and solids.

The site handles 90,000 parcels daily and also manages the chain's promotional flows. To do this, FM Logistic has equipped the site in particular with five self-guided handling trucks and two shrink-wrapping "islands", an innovation developed by FM Logistic's own Automation Department. The self-guided handling trucks (or AGV for Automatic Guided Vehicles) are used in the warehouse for journeys with no value added, from picking up the pallet to depositing it on the dock.

As for the shrink wrapping islands, they have taken over manual wrapping activities, which represented almost 15% of the time spent on preparing an order. This entirely automated solution, capable of handling pallets of all shapes and sizes, removes the hard physical work from this task. Result: a notable reduction in rates of operator fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders and perfectly wrapped pallets.


Mass recruitment operations

Confronted with a shortage of manpower and a tight job market in the region, FM Logistic has had to multiply its recruitment campaigns to complete its workforce, assisted by the Pôle Emploi de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (job centre), the local authority, the Communauté des Communes du Gâtinais en Bourgogne and different local economic players.

Applicants were selected based on both their CV and their professional skills and attitudes via the simulation recruitment method (MRS). This involved inviting them to demonstrate their physical and intellectual capacities by carrying out tasks in a mock warehouse set up by Promelog, specialists in logistics training.

Finally, the HR effort was completed by about ten employment forums, 50 collective information sessions to present the firm and the jobs on offer, as well as an information campaign on local radio and television stations.